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Algorithm theory with symbols
Is nudge theory a groundbreaking development in better HR & management? What exactly does HR need to know? Get the lowdown on nudging at work here.
Talent definition - finding top talent
The way we think about talent is changing. But why? We cover 7 global and business trends forcing organisations to rethink talent. HR, take note.
Diverse team in the workplace
Diverse teams are ready to succeed! But success doesn't always come naturally or easily. It's HR's role to drive performance. But how?
Diversity and inclusion at work
Do you know the difference? Do you need to know? Yes - and we look at why. Organisations must do both diversity and inclusion to succeed.
Investors in People CEO Paul Devoy signed Time to Change’s Employer Pledge in October this year, to show IIP’s commitment to both supporting those affected by mental health, and raising awareness of it within IIP’s team and the wider community. We at Investors in People feel that mental health must be treated with the same regard as, say a broken bone would be. Just because you cannot always see a mental health condition, it does not mean it is any less debilitating.
Ahead of Time to Talk day this Thursday 1st February, we've outlined why it's so important to talk about mental health and have shared some advice for employers looking to start the conversation. 
Improving company star rating
What is job quality and why does HR need to know? We tell you - and look at several ways HR can raise job quality, wellbeing & productivity.
Career ladder to success
Lack of career progression is encouraging employees to jump ship. If you can promote them, great. But if not, what can you do to stop them moving on?
Job well done on screen
Not feeling valued at work is the third most-common reason for employees looking for a new job. Why is it so important? And what can HR do about it?