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Company meeting at small firm
All-hands meetings for organisations can boost engagement, help distribute key information and ensure employees understand organisational objectives. Our guide tells you how to run them, who should speak, what information you should share - and much more. Read it now.
Blockchain concept for human resources
Blockchain could be as revolutionary as the internet. The impact on organisations would be undeniable. HR needs to be aware of its trajectory and this guide runs through exactly how it might transform HR effectiveness. Read this to bring yourself totally up to speed.
Happy office culture
To be more innovative, creative, forward-thinking and collaborative, your organisation needs a no blame culture. Or does it? We look at the pros and cons of no blame cultures and help you decide if they are right for your organisation. This is a total guide to what you need to know.
Smiley yellow face on pad of paper
Employee recognition schemes are increasingly popular ways to boost engagement and better align employee needs with organisational imperatives. If you have one, or you're planning one, these tips will set you up for success.
Collaboration at work
Slack. Trello. Workplace by Facebook. Lots of organisations are implementing workplace collaboration platforms, but just implementing them won't make them effective. In fact, there are 5 key pitfalls to avoid when implementing these platforms. Find out what they are.
Creativity at work
You know how creativity works, right? Well, what you think may be wrong. For creativity to create genuine innovation and change in organisations, you need to be aware of the reality of how it works. This is the answer: 7 truths you never knew before.
Gender diversity and inclusion at work
Gender diversity is massively important, but are you also thinking about gender inclusion? Feeling included - a sense of belonging - is very different to diversity. How can organisations turn the dial and ramp up inclusion for both genders? That's what we tell you in this article.
Today marks International Women’s Day, an annual awareness campaign which tests the watermark of gender equality across the world. Last year, the IWD organisers asked us to #BeBoldForChange and the response was unprecedented. Across social media platforms, more than 165 million people generated over 430 million interactions around the world, with the issue becoming Facebook’s biggest conversation of 2017, topping the Superbowl!
Legal apprenticeships
Higher and degree apprenticeships offer modern opportunities for employers to bridge skills gaps, improve productivity and build a more engaged workforce. This guide to degree and higher apprenticeships tells you everything you need to know. Read it today.
Last year Investors in People developed a hypotheses for the components of a successful apprenticeship scheme as part of a broader suite of work looking into how organisations can create good quality opportunities for applicants. The process involved both qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys with 160 organisations across a range of sectors, from transport infrastructure to construction and beyond.