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The culture of a workplace is extremely important and any change requires everyone, from top managers to junior employees, to modify their behaviour. With commitment and engagement, it is possible to change workplace culture for the better. This short guide covers Top Tips from leading practitioners on How to Encourage a Wellbeing Focused Culture.
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Read our 8 minute guide to employee performance reviews. An official space for you to discuss individual performance helps get the best out of your people
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What are SMART objectives? Discover our 3 steps to setting SMART objectives. See how to set SMART targets & give employees attainable & achievable goals
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We asked Investors in People accredited organisations, top managers and employees what they wanted most from their Leaders. We captured what they said in this list. Read Top 10 Tips and Examples for Better Leaders. Read it and improve your leadership skills:
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An effective manager identifies the skills, behaviours and knowledge required for everyone to meet their objectives. Use this best practice template to identify competencies and behaviours your people need to succeed.
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See how developing your leadership skills means becoming a role model for your employees. Don't just talk the talk - lead by example & see a positive impact
Creating a positive workplace culture is achieved through great listening, high levels of trust and open dialogue. This is a simple strategy for driving employee engagement.
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Read our top 6 qualities of a good manager who cares about employees, such as encouraging personal development & acknowledging areas that need support
Feedback style
Giving feedback is a basic management and leadership skill. Read top tips and guide for giving employee feedback and evaluate your own style to make sure you’re firm but fair.
Discover how a culture of continuous improvement can drive your team to Outperform. Download Sir Dave Brailsford's tips for getting the best out of people