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At Investors in People, we believe in realising the potential of your people. Learn from employers who have seen the benefits of investing in young talent.
'83% of women think gender discrimination exists at work.' Findings in this report highlight key areas for focus when it comes to moving towards gender equality in the workplace.
Last week IIP released Job Exodus, the employee sentiment poll for 2016, revealing major workplace trends across the UK.
The annual Investors in People employee sentiment poll reveals major trends across the UK workforce. By tracking the likelihood that people are looking to move jobs, the reasons for doing so, and the most attractive benefits that employers offer, this report helps organisations retain and recruit the best. Additionally, this report offers a further perspective on the results and at how IIP can help organisations in Northern Ireland.  Download to explore:
As the economy improves, and pay levels rise, are employers at risk of losing valuable skilled people?
No doubt that most of you will have your end of year festivities underway, but if you're still lacking some inspiration, check out these 5 top tips to help end 2015 on a high... 1. Celebrate the year’s achievements One thing that will encourage staff to enjoy the next few weeks is to celebrate any achievements – however big or small, individual or team milestones. Ending the year by reminding staff of successes will encourage a positive mind set for the year ahead.
Explore how investing in employee training shows staff you value their aspirations, removing the need for them to look elsewhere to realise their ambitions
Explore how organisations underinvesting in employee development risk their staff feeling underdeveloped & frustrated & therefore leaving on bad terms
See how high performing organisations sustain significant investment in staff training & development to attract the best people in the marketplace