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Recent research suggests that only 35% of the UK’s workforce is “highly engaged".
“As in any business, you can start small and remain small but, if you have aspirations to grow your company you’re going to need people to do that. So to meet the business objectives, getting the right people into the company and retaining them, is paramount.”
It’s how you work with a situation or opportunity that will help you improve results.
When you hear the words ‘health and wellbeing’ what do you think of? Yoga in the car park, mung beans in the canteen? If so, it might be time to think again.
Are you contributing to building and maintaining employee engagement?
Investors in People turned 21 this year and ever since its launch, supporting employee engagement has been at its centre.
£29bn is the estimated cost of sickness absence for UK organisations
Valerie Todd, Chair of IIP, shares her thoughts on realising people's potential
At Investors in People we work with organisations of all sizes and sectors.  Recognising that each organisation has their own unique needs is key to what we do.  It is also important however to recognise other factors that come into play.  As such, we thought it interesting to examine some of the differences between large and small organisations.  Here is our list of the top 5 and why.
The links between health and wellbeing and the Investors in People framework have ever been clear, but with the Investors in People Health and Wellbeing Award, we can take this a step further and help you improve the health of your workforce. Have you looked at the health and wellbeing of your employees as a route to business improvement?  Well you should, and here’s why.