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Surprised young boy
Wherever you are on your line management journey, take a look at 6 lessons you really, really wish they'd told you when you started managing people.
Employee disengagement: unhappy team at work
All organisations go through peaks and troughs. Do you have an engagement strategy for the troughs? Or should it be business-as-usual...? Read more.
Young line manager with team
Your line managers are essential to employee engagement strategies succeeding and HR doing a good job of raising engagement. Read this today.
Woman ill at work
Presenteeism UK crisis: what do you know about it? This article tells HR about the UK's presenteeism problem & outlines key presenteeism statistics.
Ill at work: Woman with headache at work
Click for a presenteeism meaning that works for HR and organisations. This definition of presenteeism is evidence-based, accurate and ready to use.
Relaxed, happy employee
Employee engagement efforts that don't help employees create energy and be resilient will not succeed. Why? And what can you do about it? Read more.
The law of diminishing returns
The law of diminishing returns can be damaging to organisational life and your employee engagement strategy. But how? Take action today. Read on.
Sharing information at work
Giving employees access to organisational information is a principle of engagement. Without it, engagement efforts wither. Find out why.
Book with dangerous chemical symbol on it
Tacit knowledge is vital to organisational success in the knowledge work era. But it's a double-edged sword for organisations. Why? Find out here.
Continuous improvement models
Continuous improvement isn't new but there are new ways to do it! Do you know all the frameworks available? We explore four popular methodologies.