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Stress in the workplace
Workplace stress affects employee wellbeing and performance. We identify five key sources of stress at work - and how HR can tackle them.
Jenga blocks falling down
Organisational culture is an essential focus for HR, senior leaders and line managers. If you fail to nurture it, you won't survive into the future.
Question marks suspended in air
Line managers: feedback is a gift from employees and these six questions will enable you to get better raw, honest feedback. Learn them today.
Mug saying "It's time for a new job"
What do people look for in new jobs? Everyone is different - but there are common themes. We've picked 6 key reasons people look to move on.
Happy employees at work
Employee voice in the workplace positively impacts organisational culture and climate to drive higher wellbeing and performance. But how?
Today is World Mental Health Day, with companies, politicians, charities and the public all bringing attention to the vital importance that our mental health has in every area of life. More specifically, mental health is one of the most pressing issues facing the UK workforce, with the TUC claiming that record numbers of workers are suffering with stress or work-related anxiety.
Tuesday 10th October marks World Mental Health Day and today our CEO Paul Devoy signed up to Time To Change’s Employer Pledge. By doing this, Paul hopes to demonstrate IIP’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that employees feel supported when facing mental health problems. Time to Change’s latest campaign ‘In Your Corner’, encourages us all to look out for our colleagues, should they be dealing with a mental health issue.
Activating employee voice at work
Employee voice in the workplace: these tips will help organisations activate and enable voice to increase employee engagement and performance.
It can often feel like we spend as much time in the office as we do at home, and as much time with work colleagues as we do with our own families. This can be great for those of us lucky enough to work in a supportive and friendly environment, but for others who aren’t so lucky, this fact can cause concern and stress, particularly when it comes to discussing health and wellbeing.
Employee voice: picture of good line manager
Line managers are crucial if you want to embed & promote employee voice in your organisation to improve productivity and engagement. We tell you why.