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Depressed man with his head in his hands.
Blue Monday is not the most depressing day of the year. The science is flawed. But you should still think about wellbeing on Blue Monday. Here's why.
From emotional intelligence to active listening, take a look at these four key line management skills if you want to transform your people managers.
Everyone knows what employee engagement is. Or do they? If you use one of these definitions of employee engagement, you could be in trouble...
What is culture? You'll need to answer that before you know how to use role models successfully to change organisational culture. Start here.
Looking to create a strong employee engagement strategy for 2017? Get started with 3 key questions to ask yourself.
New research from Investors in People shows that more UK employees are confident in the jobs market and willing to make their next move in 2017. Read more.
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In the Autumn Statement 2016 the government pledged to tackle low UK productivity. Poor people management is a massive problem. Find out what to do.
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Everyone needs and wants something different from work. Explore a few ideas – amongst many – for engaging a workforce of young professionals.
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Every winning team is absolutely clear in their answer to these questions. It’s a uniting sense of purpose that drives employee engagement and success. Perhaps easy to say but harder to do. We believe there are three steps that are the foundation for clear purpose and direction.
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See how peer to peer recognition improves awareness of performance expectations & has a positive impact on motivation as it shows that everyone's important