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Flexible working
Flexible working is great for society, organisations & individuals. But there are challenges and drawbacks you must be aware of. Here they are.
Home worker doing flexible working
Top best practice tips for HR professionals to better support line managers in making flexible working policies successful.
Line manager skills multitasking
I bet you could name lots of key line manager skills and competencies, but these are the 5 we think are most important and effective. Do you agree?
Line manager qualities - empathy and support
What human qualities make a good line manager? We've come up with 5 qualities we think are totally crucial to people managers. Do you agree with us?
Surprised young boy
Wherever you are on your line management journey, take a look at 6 lessons you really, really wish they'd told you when you started managing people.
Introverts and extroverts
Helping employees build resilience is a crucial job for HR. But for introverted staff, you need to think differently. Here's what you need to know.
Feedback at work from managers
Feedback at work must be linked to performance & clear goals. That's one rule. But there are more. Here's how HR can drive a great feedback culture.
Compliance training at work
Is your compliance training sending employees to sleep? We offer key tips to help make your compliance training engaging and results-driven.
Happy, free person standing at sunrise
Organisations are focusing on financial wellbeing to boost staff happiness & productivity. But what should you focus on beyond pensions? Find out.
Fun slide at office
Designing fun offices isn't about employer branding. Well-designed modern offices help staff maintain energy and improve mental wellbeing. But how?