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Last week IIP released Job Exodus, the employee sentiment poll for 2016, revealing major workplace trends across the UK.
Explore how organisations underinvesting in employee development risk their staff feeling underdeveloped & frustrated & therefore leaving on bad terms
See how high performing organisations sustain significant investment in staff training & development to attract the best people in the marketplace
Discover the principles for outperformance. See how to offer great products or services, inspire loyalty from staff & customers & deliver great results
Does achieving excellence in people management actually make a difference to efficiency or performance? A recent study commissioned by Investors in People tested a set of management principles common to high performing firms to find out whether a focus on these principles could really make a difference to performance. 
Read how high performing organisations inspire, facilitate & engage employees to reach higher goals. This is crucial for long-term sustainable performance
See how developing leadership styles to suit the modern workplace increasingly means letting staff take responsibility, often through a holacratic approach
Explore ways to boost employee performance & engagement. This improves motivation, collaboration & productivity, & create a positive working environment
Remote leadership is a challenge. But develop the right practices for leading a remote team and you – and your people – will reap the rewards
We all want a workplace that’s stimulating, motivating and ultimately productive. But what really motivates employees – the perks or their peers?