The benefits of an Investors in People Accreditation...

Better Leaders

Develop stronger leaders at every level of the organisation. Ensure that all people-managers are equipped to provide the best support to their teams.

Feedback You Can Measure

Enhance performance by measuring employee feedback against the IIP framework, which shows you what’s working and highlights opportunities for improvement.

Efficient Structure, Effective Team

Structure brings comfort – build the right organisational structure and unlock your people’s potential, helping to future-proof your business and ensure sustainable success.

Continuous Improvement

Embrace constant change and keep improving with the help of a simple road map for excellence.

Dedicated Experts

Draw on our skills and experience – IIP is the only accredited people-management solution that provides access to a dedicated, highly experienced Practitioner.

Define Your Culture

Strengthen and embed your organisational culture and understand how to use your values to drive decision-making at every level, empowering people to deliver exactly what’s needed.

Employer Branding

Boost your reputation as a great employer that is determined to attract and retain talented people, a business that genuinely engages with and invests in its people.


Benchmark and compare against your industry and peers and secure boardroom buy-in for HR and people strategies by bringing data to the table.
1 Context Meeting
Every organisation is different. We make it our business to understand your priorities, aspirations and approach. Only then do we focus on how to align your efforts to the IIP framework.
2 Survey
We engage with the whole organisation by asking for feedback from every team member. Our survey correlates with key principles of people management. Your results generate a benchmark, allowing you to see how you compare with best practice and industry standards, and, with the help of future surveys, measure how you’re improving over time.
3 One-to-One's &
Focus Groups
Digging deeper into the survey results, we explore different perspectives more closely. In a series of one-to-ones and focus groups we look into the reasoning behind the responses. IIP is the only accredited people-management solution to offer this level of detail.
4 Data Crunching &
Next, we get to work analysing the feedback from your teams. We add your ambitions and objectives, as well as industry standards to the mix, before applying it to our framework to determine your accreditation level.
5 Action Plan &
Next Steps
Then it’s back to you, with insights and actions forming a simple roadmap for the journey ahead. You’re in the driving seat now, able to use our analysis and recommendations to move forward with confidence and deliver tangible results.
6 Back-up &
Make the most of your feedback meeting and our annual support package. What’s more, you’re now a member of the IIP community, with thousands of motivated organisations like yours, sharing ideas and driving continuous improvement.

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