Listen to your people and use their feedback to build a more successful organisation

Involve Your People

Our survey is a great way to engage with your team and hear everyone’s views and ideas.
It helps you to explore the crucial people-management issues that underpin
high-performing organisations and the IIP framework.

The results offer vital insights into overall performance, helping to pinpoint gaps
and opportunities for greater success. Use the evidence to guide good decision-making.
You’ll get a detailed IIP benchmark, which allows comparisons with industry
standards and the rest of the IIP community.

When it comes to people management, we know what works and we know how to measure it.
Detailed analysis and a targeted personal action plan
help set you on the road to better people and performance management.

Feedback You Can Measure

Enhance performance by measuring employee feedback against the IIP framework, which shows you what’s working and highlights opportunities for improvement.

Build Stronger Teams

Understand the needs of different teams through segmented analysis, allowing you to apply your resources in the most effective way.


Benchmark and compare against your industry and peers, and secure boardroom buy-in for HR and people strategies by bringing data to the table.

Keep The Momentum

Leverage your feedback for change that your whole organisation will experience, and add clarity through direct comparisons over time with repeat surveys.


1 Survey
We engage with the whole organisation by asking for feedback from every team member. Our survey correlates with key principles of people management. Your results generate a benchmark, allowing you to see how you compare with best practice and industry standards, and, with the help of future surveys, measure how you’re improving over time.
2 Data Crunching &
Next, we get to work analysing the feedback from your teams. We add industry standards to the mix, before applying it to our framework to evaluate your performance and provide actionable feedback.
3 Action Plan &
Next Steps
Then, it’s back to you with expert insights, actions and a road map for excellence. You’re in the driving seat now, able to use our analysis and recommendations to start delivering tangible results.
4 Sustainable Success
The results feedback meeting with your IIP Practitioner is a great opportunity to bring other team members on board and involve them in the journey to more sustainable success. What’s more, you’re now a member of the IIP community, with thousands of motivated organisations like yours sharing ideas and building more productive, rewarding workplaces.
IIP Survey

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