Ark Data Centres was established under new management in late 2012 to provide secure, resilient high integrity data centres for clients to hold and manage the crown jewels of their business; the data. Following this mission, Ark has created a sustainable success model, growing to an organisation of 68 employees, operating 60 data rooms within 7 data centre facilities at two dedicated campuses.

"IIP helped us focus on what will make a positive difference to our people. Many elements of the Standard chimed with our organisational ethos of ‘Collective Brilliance’, where we use collaboration as a driver of meaningful work.”
Manley Hopkinson
Director of People, Partners & Performance
Ark Data Centres

Business growth

45% over 4 years

Increase in profits

+14% to +44%

Doubling of workforce

to 68 employees


IIP Platinum, ISO9001 & 14001, ISO22301, 27001, 50001

What is Ark’s Challenge Strategy?

The nature of Ark Data Centres’ work means that continuous improvement is at the heart of its business model.

For their clients to truly feel that their data is secure and accessible at an Ark facility, significant emphasis is placed on individuals and teams alike to ensure customer satisfaction.

Given that the service is 24 hour, 365 days a year, it can make it difficult for Ark workers to switch off, with a subsequent real risk of employee burnout.

To help mitigate this risk, Ark has initiated a series of policies to guarantee employee wellbeing whilst ensuring the business continues to be high-performing.


Nature of the business: always on, must be consistent Fast-growing client base Individual burn-out.


Attitude: we can always improve Supportive culture; recruiting those who will embody the ethos Compassionate leadership programme and policies delivering support for all.

Significance of the CLA?

Four out of five first time managers have not received proper training The absenteeism and low productivity resulting from poor management is costing the UK £84bn a year (Source: CMI) Innovative programmes like the CLA tackle the root cause of bad management.

With 100% of Ark staff agreeing that it’s a great company to work for when answering IIP’s online assessment questions, it is clear that the effective leadership programme that is in place will play a vital role in producing the leaders of tomorrow who will be responsible for steering this vision toward fruition.

"Go for it. Make it real. It is not a “nice to have” it is essential. It is more than an internal audit, it is an attitude and a statement of intent internally and externally… Revel in the challenge and feedback. Ask IIP to be really tough on you. Enjoy the journey.”
Manley Hopkinson | Director of People, Partners & Performance
Ark Data Centres