At the heart of the Bassadone Automotive Group is a highly skilled team, made up of more than 200 staff. It includes engineers, technicians, customer service representatives and specialists in logistics, parts, sales, infrastructure, support and development. Thanks to their dedication and commitment to excellence, Bassadone has achieved Investors in People Platinum status and international and local recognition.

"We felt then, and still do, that Investors in People was the best and right choice for us. It has provided a clear pathway through the process of change and improvement, enabling us to provide an exceptional customer experience."
Kevin Jones
Bassadone Automotive Group

36,496 Hours of learning

in 2017

38% Headcount increase

in the last 10 years

Financial turnover

increased from £81,615,000 (2007) to £156,500,000 (2017)

2.5% Staff Turnover


Awards IIP Platinum ISO 9001 & 14001

The Journey begins

Established in 1904, the Bassadone Automotive Group is one of Gibraltar’s biggest specialist companies, comprising five distinct entities that deal primarily with vehicle sales and exports.

Just over 10 years ago, Bassadone decided that in order to develop staff to their full potential and embed key leadership skills and capabilities in their teams, they needed something new.


How do we get from good to great leaders?

Innovation and continuous improvement

How do we embed continuous improvement in everything we do?

Investing in our people

How do we develop and motivate staff to their full potential for sustainable results?

Corporate Social Responsibility

How can we give back to the communities we live in, how can we make a difference?

The Future

Bassadone values and vision underpin how they behave and work. By embedding a great customer experience, investing in their people and creating a culture of trust and innovation, Bassadone believes their future will be bright and successful.

The quest for continuous improvement in all areas of their business goes on.

"Solution-focused meetings empower you to look at the ideal solution, instead of the problem – they encourage you to look at the ‘how."
Kevin Jones | CEO
Bassadone Automotive Group