What was the IIP motivation?

Jean Thomson stated that they knew they had financial challenges, and welfare reform on the way, and the impact that that would have financially. The three key measures are the rental income, maximising it, making sure properties don’t lie empty and that they maintain them.

Cernach have moved to a new style of management where staff are empowered to make decisions.

"Everything that we do fits into one of our four new categories, but we never thought of that before and it was just like a light bulb moment."
Jean Thompson

Using a game based activity day, the team explored their 4 key values of improving lives, protecting assets, engaging with customers and making it happen.


Cernach have been IIP accredited since 2000 and achieved Gold in 2014

Impacted culture

Using IIP accreditation and advisory services have changed the culture of the organisation


Benchmarking themselves on the QEF of 32 housing associations, have made positive strides on every indicator

“The staff now are also getting peer recognition that they weren’t before because there were small teams that were working in silos. Now all teams understand how their actions impact on others and how they are one team working towards the same objectives.”

We turned it round psychologically from being an arrears figure to an income generation figure
Gavin Burt | Housing Service Manager