GRAHAM is an industry leading construction, asset management and investment company with a national footprint. Ranked 16th in the prestigious annual Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250, and with an annual turnover of £565m for 2016-17, GRAHAM is renowned for delivering a premium service founded on a customer focussed approach to its broad spectrum of public and private sector clients.

I firmly believe people don’t just join businesses for money or career development. These may be the important starting point, but the type of employer you are is what keeps people in the long term. If you value individuals and have a focus on ‘Wellbeing’, people respond. They want to be with your company and will encourage and attract others leading to a pipeline of success.”
Michael Smyth
HR Director

Absence at GRAHAM has reduced by 100%

in the last 2 years

Overall staff engagement has increased by 15%

in the past 2 years

20% reduction in the number of smokers

in the last 3 years


Measurement is perhaps the most challenging element in convincing leaders of the merits of wellbeing, especially when they are numbers focused engineers! It is complex to prove if the metrics associated with success are based on ‘Wellbeing’ initiatives in isolation or whether they are due to a combination of other factors. What we do know is that people want to work
for companies who are focused on wellbeing and that engagement is a key determinant of business success.

GRAHAM has achieved a number of tangible outcomes that can certainly be credited with the implementation of a robust ‘Wellbeing’ strategy.

“We found that people love competition. They love to compete against themselves and against other teams. Also, physical challenges positively impact upon mental and social wellbeing with people getting together and enjoying each other’s company. This has especially impacted the potential for isolation and poor habits which working and living away from home can bring.”
Michael Smyth | HR Director