The Sony Corporation has 43 manufacturing facilities worldwide – with Sony UK Technology Centre (UK TEC), in south Wales, being the only facility in Europe. At the Pencoed facility, high-defi nition broadcast and professional cameras and camera systems for newsrooms, outside broadcasts and fi lm studios are manufactured. An on-site customer service and repair centre supports Sony customers across the UK and Europe.

“While it might seem like a very subtle difference in wording, the shift from management to leadership was massive. We needed people who could introduce the changes that were being made, show how it could be done and celebrate success.” -
Gerald Kelly,
Director of Professional Services,
Sony UK Technology Centre

8,500 Hours

of Learning and Development Annually

Headcount Doubled

in 2 Years

Turnover increased by

250% in 5 Years

Staff Turnover

is <1%

Britain’s Best Factory

Award 2013

The Journey begins

Just over 10 years ago, the site in Pencoed moved from manufacturing televisions to the production of broadcast and professional cameras, changing both the volumes and complexity involved in the process.

As a result, there was a need to revitalise the business with a particular focus on three key areas aimed at attracting business, encouraging innovation, and supporting staff improvement.


Recognising why they were diff erent so that they could attract new business and customers.

Cost competitiveness

Focusing on innovation and continuous improvement in everything they did.

Training & Development

Retraining individuals to create Knowledge Heroes in the manufacturing of these complex camera systems.

As part of their communication strategy, every year, Sony conducts an anonymous survey. The data from this proves invaluable because, while Sony may think it is meeting its employees’ expectations, the results can provide accurate feedback on where Sony is achieving highly, and where it requires improvement.

“It works because it allows us to focus our attention in the right places and understand why some departments perform better than others. We can move away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and adjust for example leadership, reward and recognition from department to department.”
Gerald Kelly | Director of Professional Services
Sony UK Technology Centre