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80,000 hours.  That’s how long most of us will spend at work in our lifetimes. Let’s make work better!!

For something that takes up that much of our time, we think people deserve to get more out of it than a monthly pay cheque. And they definitely deserve more than lying awake on Sunday nights, worrying about the week ahead.

They deserve to do their best work. To know they’re in a place where they can grow. To get to the end of the day, and feel like they’ve achieved something. So let’s do something about it.

You’re reading this because you think that, too. You want to see what you can do to put your people first. (And when you do that, your bottom line sees the benefit.)

We want to help you make work better. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started

We invest in people framework

We invest in wellbeing framework

Social wellbeing is affected by reward and recognition, employee voice, inclusion, diversity, community activities and family-friendly policies.

  • Are people’s work relationships supported?
  • Is there a culture of teamwork, trust and respect?
  • Inclusion and diversity are important along with activities that create opportunities to bring people together 

Physical wellbeing is affected by physical activity, nutrition, musculoskeletal and environmental factors.

  • Anything and everything that affects our physical health!
  • From staying in shape to keeping illness at bay, physical health can have a big impact on how well people can work.
  • We’ll ask about nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation programmes & alcohol awareness

Psychological wellbeing is affected by mental health, rest and sleep, and financial wellbeing amongst other factors.

  • Everything from mental health to sleep and financial wellbeing
  • And it starts with understanding how people are doing. By asking people how they’re feeling
  • And then looking for ways to improve their mental health

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