So you want to improve Employee Engagement?

With so many different points of view about employee engagement and what it looks like, agreeing the first steps on your employee engagement journey can be a challenge. That’s why a Diagnostic gives you all the relevant information you need

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Employee Engagement isn’t a “nice to have” anymore - it’s a strategic competitive advantage.

Monitoring employee engagement levels should be as critical as managing the bank account!

An Investors in People Diagnostic – essentially an employee engagement survey – is perfect for measuring your current levels of employee engagement and planning the next steps.  

It becomes much easier to formulate strategy, challenge current beliefs, and start those critical conversations with key stakeholders and the management teams, when you have data to highlight the gaps. 

As a uniting force, the information you get from your Diagnostic feeds your organisation with data, insights, standardised employee engagement language, metrics and ways of understanding and describing ‘best practice’ in this critical area. 

How Your Diagnostic Works

As the Diagnostic service is based around our standard employee engagement survey, you get all of the elements of an Investors in People accreditation process, but without the award.

You’ll have a dedicated, independent and experienced Practitioner working with you and your key stakeholders to help broaden the organisational understanding around employee engagement. 

On completion of the employee engagement survey, you’ll be presented with your survey data and a comprehensive report delivered via a feedback meeting where you get the opportunity to quiz the data and decide what to do with it. You’ll be supported by your Practitioner at every stage, which means you can move forward with clarity and purpose. 

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A Diagnostic ensures you are introducing and embedding the best possible initiatives to support your people – no wasted time, effort, discussions or investment. You’ll just be focused on the elements of employee engagement that really move the needle.

Used before your formal accreditation or alternatively as a stand-alone indicator of current levels of Employee Engagement, your survey gives you data, real insight and a working plan.

Get it right first time! Countless organisations share with us that having their survey allowed them to believe and totally commit to their employee engagement journey. After all, if the direction of your employee engagement strategy is wrong, then your speed doesn’t really matter! 

Surveying your Employee Engagement:

Perception vs Reality

Each step of your Diagnostic journey is aligned with our framework, using key indicators that make up the building blocks of a high-performance organisation.

In any organisation there are three Employee Engagement realities:

The current perceived levels of Employee Engagement

The actual levels of Employee Engagement

The desired levels of Employee Engagement

The Investors in People survey is the very best way to build an Employee Engagement plan to span all three.

At the end of your assessment, we’ll take all of our findings and turn them into a report which shows you where you are versus where you would like to be.

With that you’ll also get bespoke recommendations to help you navigate your way to higher levels of employee engagement.

Your report is your action plan to continue on your journey.

Your Report


Making Improvements

Get accredited with Investors in People

After your Investors in People employee engagement survey is complete, you can decide to become accredited or not.

Becoming accredited highlights to your people, your stakeholders and your customers that you are committed to building and maintaining a highly engaged group of employees, working in a culture that provides them, and your business, with the best chance of success.

Our accreditations are valid for  three years, and you’ll be fully supported by your Practitioner during that time to embed and execute the points highlighted in your action plan, that will take your organisation to the next level.

Your practitioner will check in with you at 12 and 24 months to see how you’re getting on, to course correct as needed and to offer you the guidance you need to drive continuous improvement.

What we assess | Framework

Organisations Assessed | 10000 +

You need an organisation that is trusted to provide you with an accreditation for your organisation against a framework that measures performance. 

At Investors in People we’ve developed and refined our accreditation process for almost 3 decades to help leaders, employees and companies work together to create an effective environment. 

With over 50,000 organisations from all types of industries that have been accredited, our ‘We invest in people’ accreditation is recognised in 66 countries around the globe. 

Our mission is to make work better by providing accreditation, advice and support on how to improve your business.

We invest in people | Framework

1. Leading and inspiring people. Leaders are trusted members of the company. They clearly communicate the company’s objectives and motivate and inspire people to work towards them.

2. Living the organisations’ values and behaviours. Everyone, at every level works with the company’s values in mind all the time. And they have the courage and support to challenge anyone who isn’t doing the same.

3. Empowering and involving people. There’s a culture of trust and responsibility in the company. Each person feels ownership over their role, and empowered to make decisions.

4. Managing Performance. Leaders and people alike set the right objectives, track their progress and act on other people’s feedback.

5. Rewarding and recognising high performance. The company rewards people when they do well. People feel motivated to always do their best work.

6. Structuring work. Each role is designed in a way that works towards the company’s objectives, is rewarding and encourages collaboration.

7. Building capability. Leaders develop their people and make sure they’re given everything they need to thrive at work. And the company hires the right people, at the right time, for the right roles.

8. Delivering continuous improvement. The company is always looking for ways to improve. Leaders will look beyond their industry for inspiration, and any new approaches they find are welcomed by a culture that encourages innovation.

9. Creating sustainable success. Leaders are aware of how the world around their company is changing over time, and are making the right internal changes to not just keep up, but stay ahead.

What our community thinks of Investors in People

The benefits of working with Investors in People

 Business success – 60% of accredited organisations predict business growth, compared to the UK average of 47% 

 You’ll understand how your people are feeling – 80% of accredited organisation say their levels of employee engagement have increased over the last 6 months, compared to 63% of non-accredited organisations   

 Improved productivity – you could be up to 17% more productive and up to 21% more profitable 

 Attract better talent – Only 20% of current clients say they are still struggling to attract quality applicants vs 35% of non-accredited organisations 

 Stand out from other employers – 69% of accredited organisations says IIP boosts staff engagement and retention and 89% claim they have a more motivated workforce as a result of undertaking the IIP accreditation 

 Automatic entry in The Investors in People Awards where we celebrate the best and the boldest organisations, rewarding their great work 

 Unlimited access to free thought leadership events 

 Ample networking opportunities and the chance to share your story with our community of nearly 2 million people and 50,000+ accredited organisations

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