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The benefits of investing in workplace wellbeing strategies are certainly no secret! From improving employee engagement and productivity to bottom-line benefits, organisations everywhere are putting more and more focus into employee wellbeing.

We invest in wellbeing is THE new standard for Wellbeing designed to help you perform at your very best!

The Cost Says it all..

With poor mental health costing UK Employers an eye watering £56 billion a year and over 35 million workdays being lost due to work-related ill-health annually, Wellbeing can’t be viewed as simply a soft issue or feel-good factor.

Undoubtedly, Wellbeing means different things to different people. But, above everything else we believe that creating conditions to build the right culture is essential for people not only to feel happy and healthy in their workplace but importantly engaged, motivated and productive.

We know this is not easy to do and not without its challenges and that is why we have developed our We invest in wellbeing Framework.

For organisations of all sizes and sectors

Our We invest in wellbeing Standard centres on a proactive and engaging approach to enhancing the health and wellbeing of your people.

It comprises three indicators that are built on the quality and safety of the workplace, how people feel about their work and the culture they experience. Sitting behind each of the three primary indicators of Leading a culture of wellbeing, Supporting a culture of wellbeing, and Improving a culture of wellbeing is a four stage maturity model and criteria that define what it takes to reach each level of accreditation – Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Key benefits include:


Strengthen your understanding of the relationship between employee wellbeing and reduced sickness absence, better productivity and motivation as well as the common factors that influence health in the workplace.


Establish the link between healthy organisations and improved organisational performance, to help build a business case for investment in health and wellbeing.


Create a framework to use in planning, implementing and reviewing the steps you can take to improve the performance of your people through better health and wellbeing.

The We invest in wellbeing framework

Our We invest in wellbeing framework is the new standard for health and wellbeing excellence.

We engaged with leaders and innovators in wellbeing to create a framework that would allow us to provide a robust structure for any organisation trying to nurture a culture of wellbeing.

Our framework is clear, versatile, and non-prescriptive. It doesn’t direct how you should do things but helps evaluate what you have achieved and the difference it is making. We don’t require your organisation to adopt any particular strategy or initiative. We seek to help you develop a culture of health and wellbeing improvement that works for your organisation.

Our LEADING indicator is focused on the commitment to improving people’s health and wellbeing and if this is defined and understood. It centres on whether leaders and managers have the skills, confidence and competence to support the health and wellbeing of others. The three themes are based on shaping, owning and living a culture of wellbeing.


Shaping a culture of wellbeing examines whether there is a clear plan that has been shared, and whether leaders and managers receive appropriate development and are regarded as champions of wellbeing.


This theme is focused on whether people feel included in shaping health and wellbeing plans, whether they understand them and believe their needs have been taken into account.

The theme of living a culture of wellbeing examines if people feel that leaders and managers create an environment that is supportive, positive, and safe.

Our SUPPORTING indicator focuses on making sure that health and wellbeing is central to everything the organisation does. It measures whether people are enabled to think and act in a positive way about the work they do, the people they work with and the organisation they work for. The three themes are centred on connecting, aligning and engaging in a culture of wellbeing.

The theme of connecting explores how well informed people feel and if they are able to discuss their wellbeing needs and access help and support when they need it.

Aligning centres on whether people feel appreciated, and whether wellbeing activities make a positive difference to their working and personal life.

This engaging theme is all about policies and practices that support wellbeing, and if people have the knowledge and confidence to take ownership of their own wellbeing and those around them.

Our IMPROVING indicator is all about an environment where wellbeing is integrated into day-to-day practices. It concentrates on how people’s views, opinions and feedback are actively sought and acted upon; and how leaders review and compare the investment in health and wellbeing with its impact in real terms. The three themes focus on measuring, enhancing and sustaining a culture of wellbeing.

This theme is focused on measurement and how the organisation is gathering and using data to understand the impact of wellbeing initiatives and to improve what is provided.

The enhancing theme examines how wellbeing provision strengthens people’s experience of working life and supports personal growth.

This final theme of sustaining is centred on the link with wellbeing and performance, and the balance between proactive and preventative approaches.

How it works

The steps in the visual below summarise how we will work with you when conducting a wellbeing assessment. This methodology focuses on a typical accreditation journey but its principles can be adapted and tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

Hover over the icons to find out more about each step in the process.

We talk to you

We listen to your people

We report on our findings

We provide support and direction

We invest in wellbeing Case Study


Creating a workplace culture which allows employees to thrive!

With over 250 years of experience in the construction sector, GRAHAM deliver small to complex, multimillion pound projects in construction, civil engineering, interior fit-out, facilities management and investments.

Since partnering with Investors in People to support their wellbeing journey, GRAHAM has seen a huge improvement in its people and business impact results, with high, increasing engagement rates and reduced physical and mental health issues.

GRAHAM enjoys a 25% lower staff turnover compared to the industry average

GRAHAM employees access wellbeing resources 16% more than the industry average

85% of GRAHAM employees say it is a great place to work – an increase of 5% in the last 3 years

Absence at GRAHAM has reduced by 35% in the last 2 years

We invest in people + We invest in wellbeing

Employee wellbeing has become a crucial part of the people agenda in recent years. We invest in wellbeing has been developed and designed to integrate with our We invest in people accreditation framework as a combined survey and assessment.

This will allow us to recognise how you proactively align your people and wellbeing priorities because  a thriving workplace begins with proactive efforts to support both employee wellbeing and experience.

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We are passionate about people and their wellbeing and are keen to help in any way we can.

Speak with us to find out how our We invest in wellbeing accreditation can help you improve and perform at your very best.

 Business success – 60% of accredited organisations predict business growth, compared to the UK average of 47% 

 You’ll understand how your people are feeling – 80% of accredited organisation say their levels of employee engagement have increased over the last 6 months, compared to 63% of non-accredited organisations   

 Improved productivity – you could be up to 17% more productive and up to 21% more profitable 

 Attract better talent – Only 20% of current clients say they are still struggling to attract quality applicants vs 35% of non-accredited organisations 

 Stand out from other employers – 69% of accredited organisations says IIP boosts staff engagement and retention and 89% claim they have a more motivated workforce as a result of undertaking the IIP accreditation

 Ample networking opportunities and the chance to share your story with our community of over 1.1 million people and a community of over 3,500 organisations

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