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Maintaining a healthy team is not only an ethical priority for organisations but has also been shown to reduced costs, sickness, accidents and absenteeism whilst improving profitability, turnover and staff retention.

We will assess how the health & wellbeing of your organisation is performing against our employee wellbeing framework, and we advise and support you on how to improve over time.

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Every Mind Matters

Our purpose at Investors in People is to make work better, and our We invest in wellbeing accreditation will help you do just that. 

Using our framework you will identify your team’s strengths and areas for improvement. It will map where you are on your route to creating a culture that prioritises health and wellbeing.

How It Works

Our wellbeing framework will help you identify where you are at in your wellbeing journey; by looking into the areas of physical, social and psychological wellbeing. We will help you gather insights into where your organisation is doing well and where it needs improvement.

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Your Assessment

An assessment might sound daunting, but it isn’t. It’s a chance for you to understand your organisation from an unbiased and independent assessment of your wellbeing strategy, practices and outcomes. 

Everybody in your organisation will have a chance to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Your Report

At the end of the assessment, we’ll produce a report summing up our findings, and giving you recommendations to help you improve.

See how you benchmark against global organisations as well as your competitors.

You’ll also find out what level you’ve achieved: Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Investors in People Report

Making Improvements

Becoming accredited is an achievement to celebrate! But it’s not the end of the journey. Your accreditation lasts for three years, and we’ll help you create an action plan for what changes your organisation’s going to make over that time. 


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