Investors in People organisations are united by the desire to put people first, make work better, and create better outcomes for their employees, customers, and organisation

We work with organisations of all sizes and sectors due to the versatile, non-prescriptive and outcome based nature of our frameworks.

Ultimately, they believe what we believe: that when people prosper, businesses prosper – and when businesses prosper, society prospers.

Browse some of select case studies from our community to better understanding of the innovative work taking place in our community to make work better.

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Graham Construction
“I firmly believe people don’t just join businesses for money or career development. These may be important starting points, but the type of employer you are, is what keeps people long term. If you value individuals and focus on ‘Wellbeing’, people respond"
Michael Smyth, HR Director
Ricoh Electronics
“Our relationship with Investors in People began in 2011, when we started to benchmark ourselves more. It has been invaluable in widening our horizons and helping us to shine a spotlight on areas where relatively simple changes are producing significant results.”
Rebekah Wallis, People & Corporate Responsibility
Bluestone College
"I was interested in the one-year accreditation because I felt that it would be less time consuming and I liked using an e-platform to share our evidence. The team worked together to gather the best evidence to share so it really felt like something we did together." 
Joe Turner, Chief Executive Officer
Clear Review
We had some great feedback that one of our values - "120%" - had the risk of encouraging people to work long hours which was not the point. When the assessor spoke to our staff about this, they consistently used the words 'going above and beyond' instead.
Stuart Hearn, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Client Showcase
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Guinness Partnership
Guinness Partnership
Salix Finance
Salix Finance
Companies House
Companies House
Milk and Honey
Milk and Honey
House of Colour
House of Colour


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