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Start your apprenticeship accreditation journey with We invest in apprentices

The right apprenticeship is the right person, in the right place at the right time.

But the best apprenticeship frameworks do not happen by accident. It’s about attracting that person, providing space and support for them to grow. Then you’re both unstoppable!

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Apprenticeships for All

We’ve worked with the Department of Education, apprentice employers big and small, and with apprentices and their families, training providers and policymakers to create our framework.

With help from some of the most trusted brands in the UK, from Nestlé to Bentley, the Ministry of Defence to the NHS and the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network, we’ve built this framework to help you create successful and powerful apprenticeship programmes.

How It Works

We use our framework to assess how well you’re supporting your apprentices at work, including development, communication and support.

Helping you to build an apprentice experience to support your organisation’s skills requirement and succession planning.


Your Assessment

An assessment might sound daunting, but it isn’t. It’s a chance for our practitioner to get to know your company, your apprenticeship programme and your people. 

Everybody in your organisation will have a chance to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Your Report

At the end of the assessment, we’ll take all of our findings and turn them into a report summing up what we found, and give you recommendations to help you improve. 

See how you benchmark against global organisations as well as your competitors.

You’ll also find out what level you’ve achieved : Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Investors in People Report

Making Improvements

Becoming accredited is an achievement to celebrate! But it’s not the end of the journey. Your accreditation lasts for three years, and we’ll help you create an action plan for what changes your company’s going to make over that time.

The Benefits...

An action plan designed to support the evolution of your strategy.

 Ample networking opportunities and the chance to share your story

 Stand out from other apprentice employers. Raise your profile and reputation by showing you are ahead of other organisations.

 Attract better talent. Good apprentices want to work for good employers.

Unlimited access to free thought leadership events

Free entry in The Investors in People Awards where we celebrate the best and the boldest organisations, rewarding their great work.

What we assess | Framework


Our Awards Are Back!

We are so excited to be back hosting The Investors in People Awards 2022 in person. It’s been too long! If you think you’ve got what it takes to get your hands on one of our coveted trophies, then now is your chance to prove it!

Our Awards represent the very best in people management, wellbeing, apprenticeships and individual success from all over the world. So winning in our Awards is success you can attribute on a global scale!

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Introduction to We invest in apprentices

Join us for an introduction to We invest in apprentices!

We’ll be talking through our We invest in apprentices framework, breaking down the key areas, walking through the process and sharing the impact that achieving the accreditation can have on your business.

Tue, 30 Aug 2022 13:00 BST