Doing your best work.

Knowing you’re in a place where you can grow.

To get to the end of the day, and feel like we’ve achieved something.

That’s what it means when we invest in people.

We can help you with this...

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Four to six weeks to become accredited:

  • Pricing based on number of people and locations.
  • Your accreditation will be valid for three years.
  • Process is outlined in the above information.
  • Please enquire via the form on this page.

Complete at your own pace (1 week minimum):

  • Submit your evidence via our web portal.
  • Telephone interviews with practitioner.
  • The survey is not included with this option.
  • START TODAY (for organisations of less than 50 people)

You will be given an accreditation level of either:

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Standard

Depending whether you have a 1 or 3 year accreditation. We’ll help you create an action plan for what changes your company’s going to make over that time. We’ll check in with you regularly to find out how it’s going, and measure the effect your changes are having.

Getting accredited is a brilliant achievement, and a definite cause for celebration.

But it’s not the end of the journey. You will also have access to events and a large community of likeminded organisations which goal is to make work better.


They deserve to do their best work, so let’s do something about it. Make work better with this FREE resource we offer.


Our survey gives everyone the chance to be heard and to make positive changes to the way they work…

  • It’s completely confidential. No one will know who said what.
  • The questions cover things like: how motivated and involved people feel, whether their work is interesting, and if they feel supported and appreciated.
  • Some accreditation packages let you group people (e.g. by location or department), and add extra questions and demographics, too, so you can look further into your results.


Standard: Overall, a standard accreditation means you’ve got the right principles and practices in place. And both your people and your leadership team know what’s expected of them. Around 68% of the companies we assess are at a standard level.

Silver: Getting silver means that not only do you have the right principles in place, but your people – and your leaders – make active efforts to check they’re happening consistently throughout your business. Around 15% of the companies we assess are silver.

Gold: A gold accreditation says that your people and your leadership take full ownership of the practices you have in place to support your people. They’re actively trying to make work better for people. Around 16% of the companies we assess are gold.

Platinum: Platinum’s the highest level of accreditation you can get from us. It means your policies and practices around supporting your people are embedded in every corner of your business. And in a platinum company, everyone – from the CEO to a customer services apprentice – knows they have a part to play in the company doing well, and is always looking for ways to improve. Around the top 2% of the companies we assess are platinum.