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How to create a high-quality apprenticeship scheme that delivers for all

At Investors In People we focus on what it takes to run a successful apprenticeship scheme. It’s why during this National Apprenticeship Week we’ll be hosting a networking event aimed, primarily, at those people whose job it is to develop and look after your organisation’s apprenticeship schemes. We know creating a successful apprenticeship programme isn’t easy, that it’s often a steep learning curve for those involved and that doing it well takes commitment from all levels in the business. Within this article you’ll find ideas on how make sure your scheme is a success.

Values Refresh - five hands in collaboration

Values refresh: what we learned when we decided to look again at who we are

Freshly inspired by our Make Work Better conference, the Investors In People team recently met to discuss and update our values. The day was led by our People Director, Beth Samson. This is her take on why it was such an important and useful thing to do and (spoiler alert) it’s got nothing to do with having a nice new set of words to put on our wall.

Making Work Better: How apprenticeships can futureproof your workforce

Perceptions of apprenticeships are changing. Once dismissed by the public as the poor vocational cousin to the university degree, they’re now seen by many as a genuine, often highly competitive alternative entry path to some of the most sought-after careers. Ahead of our Make Work Better conference, we’re taking a look at why so many now believe apprenticeships are the best way to address the UK’s skills shortage.

Making Work Better: AI and its impact on the employee experience

Ahead of our Make Work Better conference in September, we’ve spoken to Gethin Nadin, the award-winning psychologist and author, about what greater use of technology means for employee wellbeing and, indeed, what it means for the future of our jobs themselves.



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