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We run events to suit many different purposes. Whether that’s sharing the story of one of the accredited organisations in our community, delivering a thought-provoking topical webinar, or kicking off the journey to make work better for an organisation wanting to become accredited – the reasons are endless.

If you’re looking to find out more about our products, what it takes to get accredited and the results you could see from embarking on the journey to make work better with us, then make sure you register for one of our upcoming events. 

2021 has been a record breaking year for The Investors in People Awards. We’ve seen our highest entry total since we first started our Awards 8 years ago. That means the categories have become a lot more competitive and our judges are having a much harder time choosing a winner! But winners have indeed been chosen… click through to read their stories and register your interest for 2022!

Upcoming Events and Webinars

Wellbeing and the workplace... What's it all about? - 27th January 2022 - 10am GMT

Whether you’re thinking of developing a wellbeing strategy or you already have one that isn’t getting the results you desire, this presentation is for you.

RAND Europe’s Research Leader, Michael Whitmore, has exclusively developed a presentation on workplace wellbeing for us, and we are excited to share this with you!

Using apprenticeships as a forward-thinking approach for career progression - 10th February 2022 - 11am GMT

When you think about learning and development you usually think of courses, diplomas, certificates, conferences, mentors etc. etc.

All great, but have you ever considered using apprenticeships as an alternative to the norm?

Upcoming "Introduction to" Webinars

Every month (sometimes more than once!) we host short, to the point, 30 minute sessions breaking down who we are, what we do and why. We also break down one of our frameworks in detail, explaining the process behind accreditation and the criteria needed to achieve it. Plus, we allow a short amount of time for you to ask questions, but if we don’t get time – don’t worry – we’ll follow up with you soon after!

Introduction to We invest in people

Introduction to We invest in apprentices

Introduction to We invest in wellbeing

Previous Webinars and Podcasts

Job vacancies are at a record high, so how do you stand out to job hunters? And what can you mirror in your recruitment, to improve your existing team’s morale and overall staff retention… Come along to this event where we’ll be discussing our top tips for recruitment in a post pandemic world, and particularly how you can win the race for the best talent. We’ll be talking about how the workplace has changed over the past 2 years, what people want and expect from employers now and what you can do to cater to every individual – it’s not ‘one size fits all’. 

Boardroom 2030 is a B Lab UK-led initiative calling on all businesses to explore what a 2030 future could look like. It’s all about empowering businesses to run a board meeting in a different way – by engaging key people to address challenges and make future-proof decisions. How will businesses adapt to meet future demands? We’re sitting down with Charlotte Sewell, an independent facilitator who is working with B-Corp on their 2030 campaign. We’ll be talking to Charlotte about the goals for the campaign, how and why as many companies can and should give it a go, and sharing our experience from our own Boardroom 2030 at Investors in People.

The world needs business at its best. We’re teaming up with the Better Business Act and guest speakers to share how!

There has been a great deal of focus recently in Parliament and the media on skills, retention and investment in quality workforces. It’s becoming increasingly clear to more and more businesses that investing in people delivers an excellent return.

Apprenticeships are on the rise. Age is not a restriction, in fact almost half of apprentices in the UK are aged 25 and over, so how can we add as much value to the journey as possible?

We sat down with Emily Austin, Director at the Association of Apprentices and Investors in People CEO Paul Devoy to deep dive into what employers can and should be doing to make every apprentices journey the best it can possibly be

In partnership with The 5% Club, we’re joined by Katherine Doherty from The Sutton Trust and Jennifer Chamley and Lisa Pinfield from Capita.
Katherine, Jennifer and Lisa will be breaking down the internal and external perceptions of apprenticeships – peeling back and exploring the typical stereotypes and how they manage apprenticeships in their organisations.

4 years on from the Chartered Management Institute’s 2017 Management Manifesto highlighting that there were over 2.4 million accidental managers in the UK, costing the economy an estimated £84bn a year, where are we now?

Well the answer is, not where we should be. And that’s because not much has changed. Have we really sat back and allowed that 2.4 million number to grow? Have we really taken over a quarter of a trillion pounds hit to our economy because we’ve just not tackled the problem?

We’re joined by Francis Goss, Director, Organisational Wellbeing Consulting at Gallagher and Denise Crossley, CEO at Lantern Debt Recovery to talk about the link between your finances and your wellbeing.

Often underplayed, your financial wellbeing can have a huge impact on other aspects of your health, particularly mental.

Join us and bring your questions, as we deep dive into the topic and understand what both Gallagher and Lantern are currently doing to support their clients and their people when it comes to financial wellbeing.

What must an organisation have in place to increase the chances of success for the organisation and the apprentice? Often success on an apprentice program is measured by completion rates – but is this the best measurement of success, what other success metrics should we be considering? To what degree do we understand that the career progression and succession plans for graduate candidates and apprentice candidates alike are identical?

If you want to know the answers to these questions then tune in!

Apprenticeships are on the up. Did you know that 55% of parents now think that an apprenticeship is a better choice for their child than university?

We sat down with Robert Halfon MP and Jack Parsons to talk all about apprenticeships and how they have a key role to play in the economic recovery.

Apprenticeships continue to surge forwards as competition to university degrees, so come along and hear how apprenticeships work at NIE Networks and Bentley Motors; why they employ apprentices, the impact they’ve had, their advice and tips for employers. Come along and have your questions ready for our panelists.

Ever wondered what it takes to maintain Investors in People accreditation? Join us as we sit down with House of Colour CEO Helen Venables and practitioner Cath Parish, to talk about their 26 year journey with us.

It’s bound to help you whether you’re new to our community or you’ve also been accredited for a while. 

Did you know that there’s a direct correlation between diet and stress. And we all know that stress is something we want to avoid, especially at work. So, come along to this webinar, where you will hear from and have a chance to ask questions to our panel of experts on health, nutrition and organisational development.

In this webinar, our CEO Paul Devoy is joined once more by Anna Ambrose, Director of the London Progression Collaboration as well as UNLEASH Editor Yessi Bello Perez to talk all things Apprenticeships. 

The panel discussed the impact that investing in young talent can have on an organisation, what quality apprenticeships look like and how organisations can measure the quality of their apprenticeship scheme using We invest in apprentices.

Baby it’s cold outside. Factor in a year of uncertainty and it’s fair to say we all need to take a step back and make sure we’re looking after number One – that’s you. Check out our webinar with MHFA England and Mental Health in Recruitment for some top tips on how can look after yourself, you colleagues, your team, your friends, your family – through the Winter months.

Ever wondered if an apprenticeship scheme is something your organisation should consider? Maybe you’re not quite sure if an apprentice is a right gamble for you to take. Trust us; it is. And what’s more, we’re here to help you along the way. So sit back, relax and take in our webinar with the London Progression Collaboration.

That first sentence. It’s an eye-opener, right? Stress isn’t avoidable, but it is manageable. We have to improve management of our own stress in order to help us manage the stress of those around us. In this webinar, Danielle Bacon talks us through the dos and don’ts for managing stress.

Beth Samson is joined by Investors in People CEO Paul Devoy, and Clear Review CEO Stuart Hearn, to chat about the impact of COVID-19 within organisations; how it’s affected people and business. And why now, we must turn our focus to building a better normal. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

We sat down the the Managing Director of Gaudio Awards, Adam Hutchinson, to chat about the importance of wellbeing. In this conversation Beth and Adam chat about how they’ve supported their teams and themselves throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the Chartered Management Institutes #BetterManagers series our CEO Paul Devoy was invited to join Ann Francke OBE to discuss what it takes to achieve We invest in people platinum accreditation!

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