Invopak: ‘We invest in people’ Gold gives the company depth

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Invopak: ‘We invest in people’ Gold gives the company depth

Part of the Involvement group of companies, Invopak is a family-owned rigid packaging supplier headquartered in Manchester, UK. 

Invopak was founded by the father of the current owner Arjen Cooper-Rolfe, with whom the company has achieved clear sector leadership. 

More than 4,000 small to medium-sized businesses, representing the lifeblood of UK manufacturing, rely on Invopak to provide packaging for products such as resins, catering supplies, paints and fragrances. 

Invopak has taken customer service to previously unknown levels in its industry, all powered by team inclusion and innovation.

After the company achieved Gold ‘We invest in people’ status, we caught up with them to discuss why their accreditation is so important to them and the impact it’s had on the business.

Gold accreditation gives the company ‘depth’

‘Depth’ is what our Gold accreditation means to us. Gaining this prestigious accreditation demonstrates that what we say to customers about our service levels is not skin-deep. 

We exist to supply containers to companies and consumers, but we are a people business. We’ve won many top awards for continuous improvement, digital transformation and employee inclusion, culminating in being the current Employer of the Year in the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards. 

But IIP accreditation proves beyond doubt that it’s not what you say about yourself that matters in the end. It’s what you do – in every small corner of your organisation.

Radical transformation leads to people success

Over the past decade, we have radically transformed from an inward-looking, very traditional, half-century-old family concern in the Midlands into the pre-eminent business of its kind, continually pushing our sector forward. 

Our owner Arjen Cooper-Rolfe says, ‘we’ve transformed this business by recognising that it’s not about the product, it’s about the people’. The entire team is on a mission to develop groundbreaking ways of working, striving to improve the way the company does things by one per cent every day. 

We have embraced a common purpose and set of values to drive a ‘culture of performance’. 

We ensure that our Values aren’t just a poster on the wall through our infamous Values Handbook. Everyone carries with them the latest copy of their Values Handbook, now in its seventh edition and described as ‘important as your contract of employment’.

Thanking IIP & practitioner Susan Long for deep dive into business internals

You get a proper deep-dive into the internals of your business with IIP – right into those baked-on little sticky bits which might otherwise be overlooked. 

Here, we’d like to shout out to our IIP assessor Susan Long: She was assigned to us because she has decades of experience in a similar industry and proved the value of high-quality external thinking. 

The process revealed some new pathways for us, but just as importantly, it confirmed where we are already doing the right things. In business, you always crave confirmation that you are heading in the right direction, and with IIP, you can be sure it’s real because it’s all about the depth and the detail.

IIP accreditation shows that people trust the company’s leaders

IIP has helped us up that final tricky bit to a level where we now know for sure that our people trust and like the leaders in the business and are confident and excited about our future growth. 

The process has confirmed that the team fully supports the business values at the heart of Invopak and is fully engaged and involved in improving their performance and the company’s performance. 

They feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to do their best and enjoy our strong commitment to their health and well-being.

Being one of the best team-driven businesses in the world

Invopak is part of the Involvement group of companies, which tries to be one of the best team-driven businesses around the globe. 

Involvement carries the original Invopak spirit into a range of companies, including supplying containers to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and now consumers too with OiPPS. 

New additions include Invo Fulfilment, providing warehousing and delivery of palletised products, and outsourced IT company Invo Technology.

Assess your organisation against our ‘We invest in people’ framework

One of our experienced practitioners will use our framework to assess your people management strategy and generate a report that determines whether you’re Standard, Silver, Gold or Platinum. 

Your accreditation will last for three years, and we’ll work with you to create action plans that will make your business even better!

Learn more about the We invest in people accreditation

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