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The Health and Wellbeing Award

Published 23rd August 2016

With issues around mental health costing the UK economy £70 billion annually and 27 million days lost due to workplace absence, today's organisations are being forced to challenge traditional approaches to workplace health and wellbeing.1

The Investors in People Health and Wellbeing award offers organisations the opportunity to improve their approach to tackling areas that are negatively affecting employees. 

Organisations are assessed using the following constructs: Physical, Psychological and Social Wellbeing. Assessment against each provides a clear picture of performance in the areas that are vital to workplace health and wellbeing. 


'The very best organisations
understand that to achieve
sustainable results, their people need
to be performing at their peak, both
physically and psychologically. The
new Health and Wellbeing Award
measures the effectiveness of your
wellbeing strategy and shines a light
on how to improve.'

- Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People



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