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Avoiding video on calls because of a messy background
Use a virtual background for calls
Squinting at the screen because of glare
Have your screen perpendicular to natural light or use a small low wattage lamp
Working all day and only breaking for lunch
Set an alarm to move every hour and keep snacks and water elsewhere
Spending all day in one room... and all night
Allocate different 'tasks' to different rooms, e.g. kitchen for calls
Sitting on the couch with your laptop
Try a standing set up using an ironing board or kitchen counter.
Slumping when using a non-office chair
Roll up a towel and place it behind your lower back to preserve the S-shape of your spine

Bad workplaces cost lives...

Workers suffering in the UK due to work-related stress, anxiety or depression.
of people working in the UK feel stressed at work
of people working in the UK are looking for a better work life balance
of people working in the UK people would prefer a nicer workplace, over a 3% pay rise

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