Most of us will spend over 80,000 hours at work.

We think you deserve to get more out of it than just a pay cheque.

5 tips on how to make work betteR

1. Take control 

Whatever you need, don’t be passive. Speak up. Take control. Traditionally in our working lives we are taught to wait for things. Waiting for things at work to make you happy from work, probably won’t happen and can prevent you from working in the best way that you can. Do you want more regular catch-ups? Speak about it. By using your voice to speak up about what works and doesn’t work for you, can benefit you tremendously; improving your sense of wellbeing, productivity and such.

2. Office comfort

Design a space in your workplace that works for you. It’s important that you can customise your space in the way you want to feel comfortable. A fit-for-all office chair definitely doesn’t work for everyone. Do you prefer working on an exercise ball? Want more plants in the office? These unconventional options aren’t silly. Don’t avoid asking for other or more items in fear of being perceived as a problem child. Your environment is important, and it is something you should have the freedom to design to make your space feel comfortable to work your best in.

3. Flexibility

Some people prefer shifting the typical working hours of 9-5 an hour earlier, some don’t. You should feel empowered to work a pattern that suits both your best self and your lifestyle in order to make work better for you. You need to feel that you are allowed to make changes in your working week, temporarily, in order to meet a need, such as going to a doctors appointment.

4. Supporting others

Support and build better relationships with colleagues. Colleagues will take that feeling home with them. Having an open connection makes it easier for people to understand how you can be helped too, as well as a sense of feeling valued. Feeling valued boosts trust and motivation, which is essential for helping you work better. On the other hand, building an open dialogue with people in the workplace, you’ll be able to feel more yourself, and others will be more accepting of your working patterns e.g understanding why you come in late and leave late. 

5. Seek feedback

Make doing good work a priority. Get clarity over your goals. Work hard at meeting them. Seek feedback so you can improve in every sphere of your working life. And help others do the same. Offer constructive feedback, delegate to challenge people and don’t be lazy on skills development.


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