Healthier, happier workplaces and improved business performance

Investors in People Health and Wellbeing Award

Engaged and supported people are more likely to be present,
motivated and productive at work. They are also more likely to be flexible
and better prepared to cope with change.

Organisations that focus on Health and Wellbeing will create an environment
geared towards high performance by actively bringing their people along.

Our Health & Wellbeing assessment enables you to make improvements in a targeted way,
helping to enhance productivity, employee engagement and the quality of work.
It complements the leadership principles of the IIP framework.

Reduce Absenteeism

Stressed, unhappy people can find it physically and emotionally difficult to come to work – improve overall health and you can reduce overall sickness.

Understand Presenteeism

Get to grips with the symptoms of presenteeism (people coming to work, yet being unable to deliver because of stress, depression and injury), and act now to avoid the potential impact on your business.

Improve Engagement

Work with your people to find relevant ways of improving wellbeing, empowering individuals and ensuring your workplace becomes the one you want to work in.

Start Conversations

Equip and empower your managers to engage with mental health in the workplace, helping them to cope with difficult conversations and deal confidently and appropriately with emotional distress.

Move Beyond a Fruit Bowl

Improve the breadth of your support and interventions, by reviewing your approach and developing a purposeful strategy that will deliver tangible results for your people and your business.


1 Planning Meeting
Meet your IIP Practitioner to discuss and identify the potential physical, social and psychological challenges experienced by your people.
2 One-to-Ones &
Focus Groups
In a series of one-to-ones and focus groups we explore the approach and experience of Health and Wellbeing from the different perspectives of the team. We dig down to understand the reasoning behind the viewpoints in order to provide you with the most holistic outcome. IIP is the only accredited people-management solution to offer this level of detail.
3 Action Plan
& Next Steps
Then it’s back to you, with insights and actions forming a simple roadmap for the journey ahead. You’re in the driving seat now, able to use our analysis and recommendations to move forward with confidence and deliver tangible results.
4 Back-Up
& Support
Make the most of your feedback meeting and our annual support package. What’s more, you’re now a member of the IIP community, with thousands of motivated organisations like yours, sharing ideas and driving continuous improvement.

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