Dayna Jagdeo – My story, and what employers can do to make work better

Hey I’m Dayna Jagdeo (she/her) and if you’re interested in a fresh perspective into the corporate world, you’ve come to the right place.

Date and Time: 21 April 2022 1:00 pm

Location: Online

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Throughout my academic career, I heavily advocated for board level change and supported International students regarding their mental health journeys. Canadian raised by my Guyanese parents, my family moved to Thailand when I was 16 catalysing my mental health journey. I believe in the power of vulnerability and use my personal experience to elevate the importance of a corporate wellbeing and mental health strategy. In my short career, I’ve established a passion and commitment to think outside the box and build personable relationships with leaders who are like-minded.

In this session I share my personal story alongside some of the tools I’ve found helpful along the way. I discuss how individuals cope with change, the impact it has on them and what you as an employer can do to make work better.

Given the past 2 years haven’t been a walk in the park, it’s understandable that several organisations focused on saving their businesses more than saving their people. However, we’ve emerged out of the tunnel and into a new post-pandemic world; and quite frankly that just won’t work anymore!

Your people are the backbone of your organisation and to make work better we’ve got to do more than offer free yoga classes, gym memberships or fruit bowls. If you’re up for a conversation that cuts through the corporate rhetoric, de-stigmatises mental health in the workplace and brings awareness and tools to supporting someone’s wellbeing in a meaningful way then please watch this webinar!

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14th Nov 2023 | Old Billingsgate, London

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