Empowering your team | 20 activities to try

Written by Investors In People

Empowering your team | 20 activities to try

Want to find ways to empower your team?

Below we’ve written key things which will help achieve this!

We have developed this list, click on the plus to read the full task…

There are  also lists for leading and inspiring and living by company values.

Activity: How to write a great job description

Describe the job as clearly as possible. Show how important the job is. And check out this great resource to help you create the perfect description.

Activity: Interview question structure with STAR…

The best interviews have a good structure. We’ve worked with CIPD to bring you our

STARR Model (Situation, Task, Action, Result, Reflect) to guide the way you ask your questions.

Activity: Hire using the right questions

Check out our collab with CIPD on how to get the best possible answers out of the person you’re interviewing plays a big part in how the interview will go.

Team activity: Your map to success

Create a map of your organisation showing exactly how your teams fit together. Are they talking to each other? Are they duplicating work? What does each team do and how? Then bring them together to see if it’s working and how you can improve.

Read: The Time (management) Team

Discover 11 priceless ways to help your team manage time better in this useful article.

Read: Success through Diversity

If you want to build a great team, make it diverse! Check out this article and see how diversity can have an impact on your business.

Activity: Create your own Time Lords

Your team relies on each other to deliver things on time. But are they all good at time management? Offer training or advice to the people who need it and soon you’ll be able to get your teams performing like clockwork.

Activity: Keep people talking and flexible

Yoga is an activity, not a one-off event. It’s the same when you want to keep people working well together and being flexible in their work. You’ve got to keep talking to them to make sure that they still have the tools to work together and that they’re as flexible as you need them.

An induction checklist

You want to make new people feel welcome and part of the team, and to understand their role in your organisation. This article has a checklist you can use and edit to create great inductions.

Activity: Create a diagram of your organisation

A simple diagram of your team’s relationships (also known as an ‘organogram’) is really useful for new people. And you can use it in workshops to explore roles and responsibilities. You can make it engaging and memorable. How about asking people to write a summary of their roles?

Checklist: A proper introduction for new starters

Make sure your new starters don’t feel lost when they join the organisation by giving them a proper introduction.

Here’s an induction checklist we created alongside CIPD to serve as some guidance.

Template: Give new people a head start

How did you feel on your first day at work? Excited? Terrified? Confused? Get your new people off to a flying start with a welcome pack that gives them what they need to settle in. Try this template for some great ideas.

Activity: A Donut for your Team

Grab your team a Donut on Slack and they can jump into a world of informal chats and idea sharing. Donut gets your people talking to each other. It’s perfect for building a sense of community – especially important when you’re going through change or growing.

Activity: Create an information hub

You want your team talking to each other, but not just to ask where core documents are. Save time by creating one place where your team can keep in touch and easily find all the vital information they need.

Meeting Closer: Recap your decisions

Make every meeting count by closing with a quick recap of: What you’ve decided What actions you’re going to take Who’s doing what And when they’re going to do it.

Team Activity: Great meetings take practice

Banish bad meetings by practicing good ones with your team. Set up a practice meeting and work together to discover what makes a good meeting and what’s bad. From that, create a ‘Great Meeting Reminder Sheet’. Use these tips to get you going.

Team Activity: What do you do?

Give your people two or three sentences to describe what they do and how that carries out your company vision and mission. Then put all these statements on a board. Now everyone can see how they fit together and their importance to the direction of the business.

Team activity: Who’s doing what?

When you start a new project, ask your team to decide who will be the Drivers, Approvers, Contributors and the Informed. Deciding who does what helps you communicate better, and gives everyone a clear idea of what they are supposed to be doing. (And when they’re supposed to do it!) Check out this great resource from Atlassian.

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