Share your story – Q2 HR SOLUTIONS: Shortlisting proves SMEs can win in difficult times

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Share your story – Q2 HR SOLUTIONS: Shortlisting proves SMEs can win in difficult times

Q2HRSOLUTIONS is a company where people is the centre of what they do. They’re an HR service business doing different HR functions for clients around recruitment, OD, payroll, benefits administration, interim HR, labour relations, and HR operations. 

Guided by the Investors in People and EOS framework, they service clients the Q2 Way. They help companies that value and invest in their people—helping their business be better to create a bigger ripple effect that positively impacts the people they employ. That is the goal. That is their purpose.

We caught up with Managing Director Sarah McLeod about what winning would mean to the company and what the future holds for them.

Championing their using heroes

Joining the Investors in People Awards 2021 is our opportunity to spotlight our very own unsung heroes in the company. They are the ones making each day count for us to continue what we do. 

Recognising them publicly will not only remind them of the value of what they do. It will also serve as a reminder for every employee that no matter what position they hold, the division they are with, each of them matter and their contributions add to the bigger picture, which is the core purpose. Getting the award is just one of the tangible proof that they can hold and be proud of.

Telling their unique story

Each company that was shortlisted to the Community Employee Award entry speaks of the same recognition of the valuable contribution of their people. Each story is unique. 

What distinguished us from the rest is that Q2 has been an advocate of Investors in People since 2016. Many employees have come and go since then, but our standard for people management has been embedded and sustained. 

We continuously improve by embracing our areas of development as an organisation, enhancing them and putting it into practice and measuring and reviewing them to make them better.

An organisation that’s already won

Being shortlisted is already a win for us. A win not only for our company but also for all SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise) thriving in the everchanging landscape, especially during this pandemic when a lot have folded. 

Winning this award will boost our community to continue to move forward and surpass challenges with flying colours. Surpass it together as ONE TEAM rowing in the same direction. 

Our clients can be assured that getting the award will not be just another feather in our cap. It means we continue to strive to be better for them. Better in servicing them so that they too can benefit from it. 

They, too, can be inspired to do it within their organisation if they are focused on the heart of their company which is People. It all starts from there. Revenue will follow.

The future might lead to a detour, but anything is possible

In the next 12mos and beyond, we know that our world has increased the level of uncertainties brought by the pandemic. Q2 dances with change as they come our way. 

Future changes might happen around Political changes due to our National Election next year, and new legal laws might be implemented. 

Economic changes as we continue to operate amid Pandemic. Technological transitions as we remain reliant on technology in our hybrid work arrangement. Mental health challenges as our people continue to perform and live their lives by embracing the “new normal” environment at work and home. 

Q2 HR Solutions have withstood past challenges for being in the business for 21 years and counting. Future changes in different areas might derail us or take us on a detour, but everything is possible. The impossible only takes time, but it will still happen.

We are Q2, and our guiding compass to keep sailing are our core values. We have GRIT. We INNOVATE as we find the need. We have DEEP CARE (Malasakit) to the people we interact with. 

We are GRATEFUL even to challenges as we see them as opportunities rather than adversities. We make sure we CREATE A POSITIVE IMPACT one life at a time because it is our way to pay it forward.

A call to all organisations

We call out to every organisation that would like to apply for the Investors in People Awards 2022. Tell your story. We may be on different boats but on the same storm who are all fighting the waves that come from different directions. 

Inspiring others is what we need the most now. This is our chance to heal as one and celebrate our wins together as one community. Be one of us in giving that positive ripple effect. Together, we could change more than one life at a time. 

About Investors in People

Investors in People have been working with a huge range of big and small organisations from Public Sectors, SMEs, Charities, PLCs and anything in between for over 30 years. We have accredited more than 50,000 organisations and our  accreditation is recognised in 66 countries around the world, making it the global benchmark when it comes to people management. So we know we speak your language and can offer the specific kind of support and guidance your organisation needs.

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