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Genuine Solutions: Working with Investors in People has allowed us to embed a positive culture across the business

‘Working with Investors in People has been instrumental in shaping and reinforcing a positive culture that values employee growth, engagement, and well-being, ultimately contributing to our company’s success’

A multi-award-winning organisation, Surrey based Genuine Solutions, are experts in the recovery, distribution and recycling of mobile technologies.


Founded in 2005, Genuine Solutions has gone on to work within 52 countries, distributing products to over 1,300 customers worldwide in the process.

Leaders in its sector, Genuine Solutions has taken its approach to best practice people management to never seen before heights, powered by an investment in training, development, and performance management.

With a long-standing relationship with Investors in People stretching over a decade, we caught up with Genuine Solutions after their latest Platinum ‘We invest in people’ accreditation, to discuss how and why on-going work with their employees has had such an incredible impact on its business.


Platinum accreditation helps us stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace

Competition in our sector is fierce, with new entrants and established players constantly innovating and vying for market share. Staying ahead of the competition involves not only offering cutting-edge solutions and services, but also providing exceptional customer experiences and building strong partnerships across the industry – which is led by our people.

In today’s competitive landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for maintaining an ‘edge’. By prioritising our people, we demonstrate our commitment to providing fulfilling career opportunities, on-going learning and development and a supportive culture that fosters growth and advancement.


The desire to be market leaders to gain a competitive edge helps us create, support, and empower a workplace culture where our people can thrive, grow, and succeed

There are five key initiatives that we focus on as an organisation – training & development, performance management, recognition and rewards, a work-life balance and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Over the past two decades we have transformed immeasurably, and it is thanks in no small part to these five focuses.

Investing in comprehensive training and development programmes tailored to the needs of our employees, annual appraisals and 1-2-1 engagement and feedback, annual performance bonuses and yearly awards, flexible working arrangements, wellness programmes and diversity training are just a number of services and perks that we offer to ensure that our workforce is empowered to continually grow and adapt to evolving challenges.


Finding the ways to deal with rapid growth has led us to becoming a stronger team

During the three years on our quest to Platinum accreditation we have moved offices and been faced with resource allocation and time constraints. Balancing the need for innovation and improvement with the practical realities of resource limitations has required careful prioritisation and creative problem-solving.

Despite these difficulties, our team remains dedicated to finding efficient solutions and leveraging our resources to effectively achieve our objectives.

Sabrina Willabus, HR Director, Genuine Solutions

“Working with Investors in People has been instrumental in the continuation of embedding a positive culture across the business in several ways.

“Firstly, the IIP framework has provided us with a structured approach to talent management and employee development.

“By implementing their best practices and recommendations, we have been able to create clear pathways for career progression, offer relevant training and development opportunities, and foster a supportive environment for our employees to thrive.

“Moreover, the regular assessments and feedback processes facilitated by Investors in People have helped us identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement within our company culture. This ongoing evaluation has allowed us to continually refine our practices, policies, and leadership approaches to better align with our values and goals.”


Investing in our people has seen a positive impact on our workforce and the wider business

Focusing on our people has not only benefited individual employees, but also created a ripple effect throughout the business, leading to improved performance, innovation, and sustainability.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, investing in people means equipping them with the skills and mindset to navigate change and uncertainty. Our focus on resilience training, change management initiatives and fostering a growth mindset has helped employees adapt more effectively to challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

With an on-going dedication to our employee’s skills development, we have seen our retention levels increase, our reputation across the sector grows in stature and by fostering a safe space for our team to share ideas and become leaders, we have seen the emergence of innovative solutions and approaches to business challenges.

By prioritising initiatives that promote a positive work environment (including flexible working, wellness programmes, cultural Fridays, charity programmes and recognition schemes), we have seen employee engagement increase, with our engaged employees now more motivated, productive, and committed to achieving personal and professional goals.


Focusing on our people has had huge impacts on our values, culture, performance, and retention

Prioritising our people has reinforced our company values by aligning our actions and decisions with principles of fun, responsibility, enthusiasm, honesty, and support.

With annual appraisals, access to training and development opportunities now on offer, as well as regular one-on-one engagement and feedback, employees are better equipped to excel in their roles, leading to higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Our focus on our people has had a significant impact on employee retention. By creating a supportive work environment where individuals feel valued, challenged, and supported, we’ve been able to increase financial turnover, reduce staff turnover rates and retain more employees within the business.


Working with Investors in People offers numerous benefits to organisations

By aligning with IIP’s standards, we can demonstrate our commitment to investing in our people, which can enhance employee morale and retention.

Additionally, the IIP framework provides a structured approach to talent management, helping us to identify areas for improvement and implement best practices to drive performance and productivity.

Ultimately, partnering with Investors in People can lead to a more engaged workforce, improved business performance, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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