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Conscious Communications: Our on-going success is thanks to the hard work, expertise, and dedication of our team

‘Investors in People has helped our whole team to continually strive to be better and to achieve more, all whilst remaining true to our values and ethos’ 

Working with Investors in People for over a decade, Cambridge-based Conscious Communications’ story is one growth, staying true to its values and deep rooted within its people management.

Moving through the We invest in people accreditation ranks from accredited, to Gold (twice) and as of 2024 Platinum, the award-winning PR and marketing agency has always put its people’s needs first.

This has been proven to full effects too, as they now find themselves within an esteemed group of the top 7% of organisations accredited globally by Investors in People.


Founded in 2012, the organisation boasts an esteemed portfolio of clients including the British Antarctic Survey and the International Baccalaureate, but it is its 17 employees that have always held the keys to its long-term success.

Having created and implemented its internal THRIVE (team, health & wellbeing, the role, improvement, values, and enjoyment) programme, for its employees to quite literally ‘thrive’, Conscious Communications continues to produce best practice work, both for its employees and clients.

Speaking in-depth about its Platinum ‘We invest in people’ accreditation and the work it continues to do internally and externally, to stay regarded as an employer of choice, we sat down with the PR and marketing experts to hear all.


PR is a saturated marketplace, meaning recruitment and retention is never easy

To deliver most effectively for our clients and community, we need to attract, develop, support, and retain staff who share our passion and values.

We therefore invest in a work environment in which everyone can thrive. This means focusing on the team’s health, the roles they are in, their learning and development, creating an inclusive working environment, living by our values, and recognising the importance of enjoyment in the workplace.


Implementing innovative solutions to keep our employees in post for the long-term has helped us consolidate and grow

Our people plan follows our unique THRIVE model, which reflects our commitment to investing in a work environment in which everyone can thrive: THRIVE – team, health and wellbeing, the role, improvement, values, and enjoyment.

In practice, these steps solidify our commitment to practical progress, ensuring that every action, strategy, and innovation is firmly rooted in our purpose and dedicated to the betterment of our people, organisation, and the wider community.


Matching our organisation’s values and mindset to those of our employees is so important to stay ahead of the curve

Recruitment continues to be a challenge, especially in Cambridge.  Finding people with experience and skills can be easy enough, however their values and mindset might not match up with those of Conscious Communications and therefore aren’t the right fit for us.

There are ways to combat this though. Through implementing our THRIVE model, we have prioritised actions for the benefit of our team, including offering support for health and wellbeing via a new Employee Assistance Programme, identifying skills gaps and training opportunities, and growing skills and leadership capability through stretching opportunities.

Zoë Scorer, managing director, Conscious Communications

“At our core lies a steadfast commitment to our vision and purpose, which is ingrained deeply within our team’s culture and values.

“Central to this endeavour is the empowerment of our team members. They hold a distinct responsibility in shaping and propelling our growth, taking charge of their own development, performance, and innovative thinking.

“Investors in People has helped our whole team to continually strive to be better and achieve more while remaining true to our values and ethos.” 


‘Conscious by name, Conscious by nature’ – as spoken perfectly by our Investors in People assessor

Lindsey Waters, Assessor, Investors in People:

“Conscious Communications have a profound understanding and unwavering dedication to their conscious purpose and values. It’s the lifeblood that fuels their existence.

“The organisation has never been anything but a conscious business, and it’s truly incredible to see the depth of appreciation and alignment of these principles amongst their team and is undoubtedly their most powerful source of motivation and inspiration.

“Their people are incredibly motivated by the ability to make a difference to the world through their work and gives them a higher sense of purpose and achievement.

“Their commitment to consciousness is one of the incredible stand-out characteristics and where they really shine.”


As an organisation that cares about its people, we take great pride in our Platinum accreditation

Our commitment to our people, our agency culture and local community is core to our business and to be externally recognised for our approach fills us with the greatest pride. Our Investors in People assessor, Lindsey Waters, has been with us throughout our journey and provides excellent insight and recommendations of where we can stretch our thinking and approach.

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