Share your story – TCR: Using the awards to remain an employer of choice

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Share your story – TCR: Using the awards to remain an employer of choice

Transaction Capital Recoveries (TCR) is the leading independent provider of credit management solutions in Southern Africa. Established in 1997 with less than 20 employees, they now have a team of 1800 employees based in South Africa and Botswana. 

They are part of a proud JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) listed company with a well-established national and international footprint.

With more than 80% of their teams working from home permanently, they continue to engage and support them through technology and various healthcare and wellness initiatives using a holistic Integrated Wellness approach, retaining a more supportive and stable working environment for their teams.

We caught up with Group Human Resources Executive Dineo Sekwele to discuss what winning an award would mean to them and what the future holds.

Can you give us a brief description of how you’re making work better?

At TCR, we believe that by investing in our employees, the families they support, and our communities, we assist in building a better future for our country. Our passion has always been to help our employees through education, including health and wellness initiatives driven by our integrated employee wellness programme. We believe that it not only initiates change but also empowers lives.

Why did you enter The Investors in People Awards 2021?

As an Investors in People Silver accreditation holder, we are committed and continue to work and improve our current standing in our best people practices, with our employees at the heart of our business. 

We believe that entering this year’s award would not just highlight the work we continue to do as part of our Employee Value Proposition but boost morale within our company as we continue to grow and develop.

Are there any goals or challenges you hope an award will help you achieve or solve?

Our goal as a company is to strive and remain the employer of choice within our industry and retain the top talent within our organisation. The award will give us additional industry credibility, not just as an employer that values its people but also increase the chances of being recognised by potential clients and customers. 

Tell us what distinguishes you from other companies in the category you’re shortlisted in.

We believe what sets us apart from other companies is how we responded during COVID-19 and the positive change and impact on our employees’ lives. Working with our teams and enhancing our communications to our employees regularly and effectively enabled us to transition and maintain a hybrid business model quickly.

The standard of technology and the skills we used to develop and implement business requirements, including Health and Wellness benefits/initiatives throughout the organisation, sets us apart from many companies and competitors locally and internationally.

What does being shortlisted mean to everyone at your company?

As first time participants in the Investors in People awards, we are very honoured to have been shortlisted in both the categories we entered and will continue to celebrate this achievement. 

Being shortlisted has created such enthusiasm within our company and in other entities within our group. Our employees feel very proud to be part of a company that cares about its people, and we will continue to celebrate our achievements. 

We look forward to participating in the awards ceremony with many other recognised employers of choice globally.

What would it mean to win?

Winning in either of the categories would be an extraordinary achievement, not just for us as a company but also for our people. 

Our dedicated collection agent teams work within an industry that is often not recognised for its people and the hard work in their daily professions. 

A win in our industry would allow us to set a standard for others to be measured against and positively continue cultivating good people practices within other companies.

How does being shortlisted benefit your customers?

The collections environment is extremely competitive and constantly changing. Being shortlisted would increase the relationship of trust in working with a company with a good reputation, which can deliver good quality work due to our best people practices and assist us in standing out from our competitors.

How would you use being the recipient of this award to influence others?

We believe by winning this award; we can continue to lead by example within our industry. In keeping our people at the centre of our business, we continue to align to the best people practices globally.

What can we expect to see from your organisation in the next 12 months? (And beyond!)

Our focus over the next 12 months is to maintain and improve our current people practices. We need to continue working on achieving our IiP status and working towards the next accreditation. 

We look forward to working with our employees to understand their needs and that of business and see how we can work together to continue creating and driving our various people-focused initiatives.

What advice would you give to anyone applying for The Investors in People Awards 2022?

Use this opportunity to let your employees and organisation shine. You have a platform to share and celebrate the great work you and your teams have done within your organisation.

Entering the Investors in People Awards means you can participate and see what others are doing globally and create an opportunity for your organisation to align and improve people practices you might not currently have.

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