IIP Awards Winner 21 – Crafted: The Health & Wellbeing Award (Under 1000 employees)

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IIP Awards Winner 21 – Crafted: The Health & Wellbeing Award (Under 1000 employees)

Health and wellbeing are one of, if not the most, important things an organisation must focus on when managing their people. Happy people produce better work!

We recognise the employers that are going above and beyond, not only making wellbeing an important initiative but putting wellbeing at the core of what the organisation stands for.

This year’s winners were Crafted, and we caught up with them to ask them a few questions on their win and how it will drive them forward in 2022.

Why do you think you won the award, and how did you exceed the judges’ expectations?

Crafted has always focused on a balanced yet varied approach to health and wellbeing. We consider various options and ideas to support physical and mental health and feel listening to the team is the heart of getting these initiatives right.

A great example of this was the structure around hybrid working during Covid. By listening to our staff, we knew some preferred to be in, so as soon as it was safe to do so, we reopened our office with added layers of security, providing a safe space for those that needed it. 

We also expanded flexible working and have committed to a long-term hybrid model based on what works for the individual. Our ‘it’s ok to…’ mantra was updated for remote working in lockdown, letting people know their wellbeing was the priority.

This approach of flexibility and various options allows every voice to be heard and most individual situations to be catered to.

The winning moment. Where were you? Who was there? What was the reaction?

Owing to our hybrid working model, many watched at home, and a small group gathered together in the office. The winning moment led to a rather excited scream from those in the office, calling for some fun explanation on the client calls in progress at the time.

How do you and your people feel about winning the award?

Winning this award is about so much more than a logo on the website. It’s about benchmarking our processes and initiatives and checking what we do has a meaningful impact. 

We’ve always had a ‘practice what you preach’ mentality regarding pitching in, supporting each other and breeding a culture that continues to foster this behaviour. It is so heartening to see that our whole team embodies these values and that the overall feel shines through externally.

Who would you like to thank?

Over what has been a hard couple of years for most, our People & Culture team have gone above and beyond to make sure our Crafted community thrived, and every member of the team felt supported. We cannot thank them enough for keeping the Crafted values at heart.

What impact will winning this award have on your organisation?

We always strive to do better. As well as steering from leadership, we keep communication channels open so the whole team can have their say on new strategies or initiatives they would like to propose. 

This award proves we are moving in the right direction, and we only plan to keep that movement going. The trials and tribulations of balancing a working life with home, or the added pressure of Covid, is not something that is set to get any easier, so we must keep holding ourselves accountable to putting wellbeing at the forefront.

What would they be if you could pass your secrets to success onto future entrants in your category?

Wellbeing always matters, not just when the yearly survey comes around. We think that the little things are just as important as the big things, and focusing on these throughout the year ensures each team member feels valued and connected.

How can you become the best organisation you can be? 

Most of our winners are Investors in People Accredited, which means they hold one of our prestigious accreditations, which will be in wellbeing, people management or apprentices

Their commitment to continuous improvement ensures they’re always improving work for their people and have a better chance of winning one of our awards. 

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