Coty – Winners Case Study

After a rocky 2020, what did it mean to you to win in The Investors in People Awards 2020?

This was our first time entering The Investors in People Awards, and it was such a massive achievement to win The Best Newcomer award. For us, it validated everything we do and how we do it, as it’s such a broad award, we really felt it recognised our efforts across the board. It really proved that we are on the right track – there’s always an element of not knowing for sure – and that we really are an employer of choice; it validated it for us, through the external recognition this award brings for us.

How will you continue to make work better at your organisation?

At Coty Bournemouth we always strive to continuously improve what we do and how we do it, and Cath – our Investors in People practitioner – found this was in our DNA! We will keep doing what we do, which is what we believe to be the right thing. We will continue to evolve and change as the business requires, working together, as one team to deliver on time, to budget, hitting our measurables.

What is your pearl of wisdom for the reader/viewer, to help them to make work better and potentially become an Award winner just like you?

The feedback we received, from Cath, Our Investors in People practitioner – and from the award ceremony was that our award stood out from the clear measures of success that we demonstrated; if this is what made us award winners, then that’s the pearl of wisdom to share!

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