Ripple Developments

Investors in People Awards 2023 finalist case study

Ripple Developments

Nominated for The Award for UK Employer of the Year: Platinum (2-49 people)

Why did you enter the Investors in People 2023 Awards? 

We were privileged to be initially shortlisted in the Top 20 UK Employer of the Year Platinum 2 to 49 organisations.

Having our values recognised and our unwavering commitment to a people-first approach highlighted spurred us on to submission. We think what we’re doing should be the norm so it’s important to have these opportunities to reflect on how far IIP has brought us and identify our successes as a pioneering organisation that excels in people management.

The encouragement from our IIP consultant and account manager provided further drive to go for it!

What has it meant to you, your team, and your organisation to be shortlisted for an Investors in People 2023 Award? 

We were delighted to be shortlisted and can’t wait to celebrate the occasion. Ripple prides itself on being people-focused. The recognition is a validation of the collective effort of our team and serves as proof that we’re on the right path of nurturing a positive work environment that benefits all stakeholders.

Acknowledgement of our commitments to nurturing innovation, elevating our people’s potential, and improving value has fuelled our determination further, continually increasing the benchmark in our people-first practices.

What would it mean to your organisation to win an Investors in People 2023 Award? 

Winning the Employer of the Year Platinum award would not only signify a remarkable milestone on our journey but also serve as tangible evidence of our culture of excellence and growth. Within a decade, we have risen from Bronze through to Platinum, showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement and progress. 

At the heart of our success lies our dedicated team, whose average length of service is an impressive 14 years. They are the cornerstone of our achievements and the driving force behind our ascent to Platinum. With our future objectives being set on sustainable growth, we want to continue attracting the best talent and innovators for our team to uphold and even elevate our current standards.  

Our people are integral to what we are building, and we take pride in nurturing individuals who share our vision. Winning an award as such will enhance our reputation with all stakeholders – it’s a symbol of trust and quality in all that we do.  

How important is it for your organisation to be a part of the Investors in People community and engage in awards and events like this one? 

Connecting with like-minded organisations offers opportunities for exchanged learning and development. Hearing what other people are implementing to make their workplaces better for their teams provides us with inspiration to implement initiatives that will propel our IIP journey. 

Similarly, we take pride in being able to contribute to the community by sharing our own successful initiatives. Acting as a model for others and offering advice based on our experiences is fulfilling and aligns with our commitment to continuous improvement.  

We have recently come back from an IIP event in Leeds feeling inspired, fuelled by a shared vision of excellence between all organisations. It’s motivating to be around peers who share similar goals. Events like these also offer great networking opportunities for businesses – be that a potential client or a business that can help offer a service we require. It’s reassuring to know we’re collaborating within a pool of organisations that are also putting people at the heart of what they do.  

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14th Nov 2023 | Old Billingsgate, London


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