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Top Tips for Achieving Investors in People

Published 29th September 2016 by Thomas Bale

It takes a high performing organisation to achieve the very top award level; with less than 1% of UK businesses reaching Platinum. But what do all the 15,000 accredited organisations have in common?

Read our top tips for success with Investors in People:

Continuous Improvement

A passion and mission should inform every decision. Organisations achieving IIP have a thirst for development, improvement and experimentation, supported by a culture that encourages innovation. It takes a confident business to invite external challenge; but if you are ready it can yield incredible results.

Aim high

Championing the message of your organisation's ambition and your commitment to people will help you to align everyone with the overall goals and objectives. Don’t fear the result; lean in and invite everyone to share in the results. An employee's understanding of this vision is key to engagement and improved capability. Every Investors in People assessment takes views from every person so it’s a real chance to engage all employees.

Involve your people

We believe people are the engine of success for sustainable and profitable organisations. Engage your people in the assessment process, unlock their potential and you’ll reap the rewards.

Senior sponsorship

From the top to the bottom, everyone in the organisation needs to be involved in the journey. Identify champions and trusted leaders within your organisation to drive improvement and change.

Use the results

Your final assessment report is a comprehensive look at where your organisation sits against the standard for people management. It providing analysis against the nine indicators, direct feedback from your employees and structured recommendations from your Practitioner, the assessment report highlights key strengths and outlines areas for progression. So when you get it – use it. Over 70% of IIP accredited organisations share their final report with all staff. It’s that transparency that sets apart the very best.

Learn from the best

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