Investors in People Awards 2023 finalist case study


Nominated for The Award for UK Employer of the Year: Silver (50-249 people)

Why did you enter the Investors in People 2023 Awards?

We believe that the support and feedback we receive from IIP is invaluable to our future development, security, and prosperity. It is the benchmark against which we challenge ourselves and every year we take the detailed reports onboard and work to make positive changes in our company, for our people, our customers, the wider community, and our planet.

Feedback from the assessment shapes Board Objectives and Actions which are then delivered through our working Committees that connect in everyday practical and relatable, human, terms with groups and individuals in a way that reinforces positive people culture, company values, promotes greater cohesion and a strong sense of collective purpose. At the end of the year, we measure impact, reset and go again as we strive for continuous improvement. Investors In People has helped to imbed the right mindset, focus and structure.

It really is all about the people!! Entering the Awards for Langley was about self-awareness and a validation from Investors In People itself that what we’re doing is working.

What has it meant to you, your team, and your organisation to be shortlisted for an Investors in People 2023 Award?

There is a great sense of achievement and gratitude. Our teams have worked incredibly hard over the last year and have been devoted to making a positive impact in our industry. While we do what we can in many ways to show our appreciation directly, an external organisation such as yourself offers that special touch of acknowledgement and ongoing guidance as every
organisation needs constant focus and review. To be shortlisted is a recognition of the challenges and hard work it took to get to this position. As an organisation it is incredibly rewarding to be recognised for the changes we are trying to make in an industry where mindsets, prejudices and culture is difficult to change. The recognition is graciously accepted however, the most important point, is the fact that what we’re doing as an organisation actually works for the people within it. That they feel safe, fulfilled, appreciated and properly rewarded.

Today, life is challenging and hard for so many and in so many ways. We believe that we have a moral responsibility to lighten the load where we can and support individuals and the local community to find meaning and purpose in what they do and how they interact with others.

Being shortlisted means we’re getting this right…

What would it mean to your organisation to win an Investors in People 2023 Award?

To win the Investors in People award would be incredibly valuable. Not only for Langley as an organisation but also for our culture, people, and our position in the industry. In the last year we have undertaken challenges to go against the norms of the construction industry to better the lives of our people and all those around us. Through our values, and investment into the
wellbeing of our people we believe we have set new and higher standards within the industry.

We are more than a roofing company, we protect our people and our customers, we help to reduce the number of homeowners suffering from fuel poverty, we help improve green infrastructure around the built environment and help to efficiently manage water and build much needed new social housing homes. We are a people first business, we are reliable, and
as experts we want to share our knowledge with others. From Apprenticeships to Social Value days and Sustainability strategy plans, we want to continue our visionary journey ‘For Better Living’.

How important is it for your organisation to be a part of the Investors in People community and engaged in awards and events like this one?

We are grateful for all opportunities like these that come our way. It is a chance to share our journey, challenges, and achievements with other organisations across the country.

Undoubtedly, there will be a variety of different stories and experiences but there is a sense of empowerment to learn and take inspiration from others through these events. Sharing ideas and experiences broadens our perspective and understanding when it comes to supporting and developing our people. No one has a monopoly on good ideas and best practice. We
learn from each other. We believe that in an industry such as ours, that is set in its ways, it is vital we challenge the status quo and drive to change these narratives. To be a part of what once seemed to be an immovable industry we are proud to share how far we have come, and, what better platform than through Investors In People.

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14th Nov 2023 | Old Billingsgate, London


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