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Investors in People Awards 2023 finalist case study

Vaultex UK

Nominated for The Award for UK Employer of the Year: Platinum (250+ people)

Why did you enter the Investors in People 2023 Awards? 

Our journey with IIP started a decade ago in 2013.

Throughout that time we have taken pride in demonstrating continuous learning and improvement in several areas, leading to us being awarded Platinum status last year. Most notably – this has included our company engagement score rising year-on-year from 68% in 2013, to 84% in 2023.

It hasn’t been a quick process. But now, we’re in a position where our proactive, supportive approach to people’s engagement and wellbeing is firmly championed and embedded across our business.  

We’re extremely proud of this progress, and whilst we always strive to be better, we feel, on merit, our accomplishments aren’t out of place at the IIP Awards. 

What has it meant to you, your team and your organisation to be shortlisted for an Investors in People 2023 Award? 

It’s always fulfilling when dedication and hard work is recognised.

At no stage were we under any illusions as to how difficult obtaining IIP accreditations would be – particularly under the new 6th generation criteria.

Our growth as an IIP-accredited employer has been a long-term, consistent effort that’s underpinned by a genuine desire to improve the lives of every person that walks through our doors. As a HR team, it’s immensely satisfying to see that evolution lead to being shortlisted for an IIP Award – as the process has required a considerable amount of devotion, perseverance, and above all else – teamwork.

From an organisation standpoint, being shortlisted is already a success in its own right. Whether we’re victorious or not, it’s another step closer to an accolade that showcases what we stand for as an employer.  

What would it mean to your organisation to win an Investors in People 2023 Award?

At Vaultex, our people are our biggest asset.  

Whatever situation we face, the forefront of our strategy is doing right by our people. We’re extremely proud of our 10-year long association with IIP and recent Platinum accreditation, but nothing will vindicate our inclusive and engaging working environment more than an IIP Award.

It will be particularly special as what we have created is the result of a collective effort from all 1,200+ people in our workforce. We operate in 10 different locations, but together we’re one Vaultex community that rally around each other in the tough times and celebrate successes in the good.  

Rest assured an IIP award would be cause for a big celebration! 

How important is it for your organisation to be a part of the Investors in People community and engaged in awards and events like this one? 

IIP are the standard-bearers in people management.

If you want to be viewed as an organisation that genuinely cares about the welfare of your people, you need IIP’s seal of approval. It’s that simple.

Internally within Vaultex, we wholeheartedly believe in what we do – as what we deliver is driven by our people for the benefit of the wider Vaultex community. But, it’s even better when we can showcase that environment to an external assessor like IIP and receive assurance that our people-first approach is the right one.

Equally, like any business, we face continued challenges and must adapt and evolve to better ourselves even further. Having IIP in our corner to work with us and recommend ways to achieve this is a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Awards evenings and possible successes are an added, and welcome, bonus! 

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14th Nov 2023 | Old Billingsgate, London


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