How to Improve your Apprenticeship Programme

Improving your apprenticeship programme can help you attract more apprentices and more effectively support them on their journey so that everyone involved can get the most out of the apprenticeship scheme. But how do you do that? In this post, we’ll look at what changes you can make to enhance your apprenticeship scheme so that you can get better results from it and your apprentices.

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Illustration of People in Discussion

Demonstrating the benefits of an apprenticeship scheme

Hiring an apprentice is an investment in the future of your organisation, and one of the most important things you’ll need to do early on is get buy-in from all of your people. With so many different audiences, some of whom may need more convincing than others, where do you start? This guide aims to help you identify the needs of your different audiences, develop tailored arguments about the benefits of having an apprentice, and promote the positive impact of your apprenticeship scheme.

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MCS Group

“To be shortlisted for UK Employer of the Year (Gold) is an honour. The credit goes to the fantastic team at MCS and the continuous passion for their work.”

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“An Investors in People award is really important to us. It would give recognition in the firm of the high calibre work we do as a team day; in, day out.”

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“We’d love to be validated by Investors in People to show our business is at the forefront of our industry to our clients, colleagues and staff, plus new recruits.”

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